Advocacy Marketing and PR
Building brand through influencers and third party advocacy.

Any company can have a content strategy and marketing platform, but that doesn’t mean it will be clear and effective. Ventana Group helps our clients achieve rapid brand building and category leadership through integrated PR, marketing, lead-generation, digital, and social media campaigns.

Research has shown that customers don’t trust branded content as much as what experts or their peers say. We understand this new reality and rely on a disruptive form of Advocacy Marketing—building your brand’s credibility through independent influencers including your customers, partners, and industry experts—to create disruptive, powerful strategic messaging that instantly accelerates brand leadership.

In addition to helping our clients harness the power of independent influencers to reach new audiences, we also ensure your content is marketed across multiple new media channels as a powerful tool for enhanced brand awareness, lead generation, and SEO. Our core services include integrated communications/PR and content marketing to expand your window of opportunity.


Clear, compelling consistent…that’s the key to a successful communications messaging strategy. Have an existing message that needs more spark? Need to come up with a fresh vision? We’ll craft a customized communications platform that captures the essence of your message while tapping into the power of endorsements from independent third parties—including industry analysts, customers, and partners—to effectively tell a story that sets you apart and establishes brand leadership.

Lead Gen + Content Marketing

Your company’s content strategy is key to its marketing success. We help our clients evaluate their options for corporate communications assets to determine which assets will best support their marketing initiatives and drive greater lead gen. We develop innovative, hyper-effective content strategies and marketing collateral, including research surveys, contributed articles, infographics, white papers, case studies, blogs, videos, buyers guides and more that educate key audiences and attract prospects and partners.

Sphere of Influencers

A primary goal for any PR program is to secure third-party validation from industry analysts and media influencers. Ventana has strong relationships with some of the largest IT analyst firms and media giants in the business. Our deep understanding of how to harness ongoing attention from these critical thought leaders results in the type of independent coverage and validation that generates trust from new and existing customers alike—and ultimately increases your brand awareness.

Digital + Social Strategy

Influencer relations. Content creation. Platform ideation. Customer engagement. When it comes to digital and social, Ventana clearly delivers. We help you connect and collaborate throughout the social sphere in an integrated way that drives awareness, engages audiences, and boosts demand across your entire social footprint.

Interactive Media + Video

The crown jewels of content marketing—interactive media and video—blend all forms of content into one, triggering an undeniable call to action. We provide one-stop project management, including pre-production planning, on-site execution, and post-production.

Writing + Collateral Development

You know what you want to say, you just don’t know how to say it. That’s where Ventana’s writing and editing services come in, effectively crafting and communicating your message in a way that generates the interest and impact your brand needs to compete and visibly stand apart from the crowd. From messaging platforms and corporate overviews to bylined articles, web content, award submissions, white papers, case studies, blogs and more, our veteran writing team offers extensive experience in superior content production tailored to the right audience at the right time.

Company + Product Launches

At Ventana, we know how to create and maximize your corporate PR assets to achieve buzz, clicks, and impact because we live and breathe emerging technology. From cranking out a steady stream of news announcements to help build credibility, to identifying corporate milestones that might go unnoticed, to generating constant edgy ideas for continued visibility, we’ll ensure that you’re front and center on the right audience’s radar screen. And we can do this quickly through our extensive network of industry contacts and influencers who know exactly how to speak the language of your own network.

Customer Reference Programs

Advocacy Marketing by independent third parties can be one of the most important tools in any company’s marketing strategy. Customers are among your most effective, trusted assets to help gain greater visibility and industry validation for your products. Ventana has an intimate understanding of the diplomacy required to initiate and maintain relationships with these precious assets and establish a win-win relationship for both you and your customers. We work closely with your sales organization to cultivate the vital customer participation that reinforces your value proposition.

Partner Programs + Channel Ecosystem

Your partner channel can be essential for building and expanding your business on a large scale to effectively compete and come out a winner in a crowded or consolidated market. In addition to helping conceive and launch new channel programs, we also specialize in helping our clients successfully engage and recruit desired partner relationships, and then evolve those relationships to create a full-fledged partner ecosystem for sustained company growth based on go-to-market strategies that help you deliver your innovative solutions.

Events + Executive Speaker Programs

Ventana secures top speaking engagements, coordinates panels, works with conference exhibit companies, creates a wide range of marketing copy and content, supports on-site press activity and more to ensure our clients have a key presence at the right industry events, increasing corporate visibility and facilitating valuable new customer leads and strategic partnerships.