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We will help you achieve rapid brand building and category leadership.

Specializing in integrated public relations, content marketing, and digital/social media campaigns, our world-class communications firm has a laser-focused view on emerging technologies. We help you achieve rapid brand building and category leadership by educating your audience through the voice of industry thought leaders and independent influencers to expand your window of opportunity.


The market is saturated with the promise of the next, great storage solution that delivers 10x performance, unparalleled scalability, and ease of management. Sound familiar? No wonder so many emerging storage technology companies are met with skepticism while their messages fall on deaf ears. The Ventana Group has more than 15 years of storage domain expertise across all aspects of storage from virtualization, cloud, SAN, NAS, deduplication, backup/data protection, SSD, scale-out and Big Data. We help our clients rise above the hype to clearly establish leadership positions. Our network of analysts, press, OEM/partner contacts, and influencer communities help storage clients connect with the right audiences, with the right message that delivers top-tier results that matter.

Cloud and Virtualization

According to Gartner more than 80 percent of enterprises have a virtualization program or project in place. Cloud and virtualization are seeing a strong inflection point in the market and are transforming the way organizations deliver and manage enterprise applications and services.

A multitude of players are jockeying for position to take a slice of this multi-billion dollar market opportunity. Whether you are delivering server virtualization, desktop virtualization, storage virtualization, or SaaS offering, Ventana has the cloud domain expertise and industry relationships to give you the vision you need to stay at the industry’s forefront.

Information Management

Management of electronic data has emerged to become a critical driver for business success. Analysts suggest this will continue to be among the fastest growing sectors in business software for years to come. This points toward an abundance of new technologies and companies, as well as innovation by established companies, to harness information management for competitive advantage.

With experience across the spectrum of information management technologies—from data migration and integration, to comprehensive data management, compliance, data analytics, machine learning and more—we can help you define your core value proposition and communicate the clearest, most effective messages to media, analyst, customer, partner, and investor audiences.

Mobile and Wireless

The mobility revolution has changed the way we work, play, and communicate. Wireless networks, mobile devices and the infinite number of applications being developed by the minute, create a rapidly evolving landscape for technology companies in this market.

We understand the complexities of telling your story and what it takes to have a leading voice in a monumentally dynamic industry. Through our clients we’ve worked with a breadth of media and analysts covering the full spectrum of the mobile and wireless world, in addition to vertical market audiences that put you front and center of key prospective customers.


Cyber-security tops the list of concerns for organizations across almost every industry. Protecting valuable data has become imperative for companies large and small, with a growing number of hackers and attackers trying to access sensitive corporate information. What’s more, most IT solutions today—from information management to storage, cloud, and more—come wrapped in a security layer, making security synonymous with IT.

The Ventana Group offers our security clients an established presence in information security. We bring a successful history of positioning technology companies at the edge of security innovation as category leaders through our relationships with top thought leaders and third-party experts in the field of data security and compliance.